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Anime Expo 2006
Cosplay galore! More than 1700 pics of convention-goers in costumes. Can you click 'em all?

July 4, 2006 - Make no mistake: anime is no longer just a niche thing that the kid in your chemistry class is into. This year's Anime Expo proves that the market has grown, and shows no sign of slowing down! The event, which celebrates its fifteen year, broke all previous attendance records. Over 41,000 people stormed the Anaheim Convention Center July 1-4 to meet fellow enthusiasts, attend panels (CLAMP was this year's hot ticket), buy merchandise and compete in various activities. Oh yeah, and a couple showed up in costume, too.

This year, IGN and ADV Films paired up to document every cosplayer at the event. Roughly one third of the convention attendees don some sort of garb representing their favorite character from the worlds of anime, manga and film, and we were there to snap photos of it. We came away with well over 1500 pictures!

For those who couldn't attend the convention, or are just curious to see the dedication and effort put into some of the best-looking cosplay in America, click on the links below to see pics of cosplayers in action.

Cosplay Pictures:
Click Here For July 1: Day One Pictures
Click Here For July 2: Day Two Pictures
Click Here For July 3: Day Three Pictures
Click Here For July 4: Day Four Pictures
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