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I just have to write this down...afterall you don't get the chance of pushing a truck everyday...=p
Yesterday I had to stay at work until 8 pm because one of our trucks broke down on the street, not far from our parking lot...gladly our neighbor was kind enough to take out his chain and drove one of their trucks and towed ours back to the parking lot, however, he dropped it right in front of a trailer which was about to be pulled out....so two of our warehouse ppl and Tabs and me, the four of us had to push it out of the way with our driver steering the truck...that...just imagine it....was an interesting sight...I hope not too many ppl's seen us sweating and pushing that thing...ha ha ha!! and once the driver had stepped on the brake too hard that all of us almost slammed into the truck...LOLZ...^O^
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  • 我願意付高價1塊錢台幣,參觀Syb拉著鐵鏈拽著卡車跑喔,這不是可以天天看到的景象啊.

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  • 早知道狐狸要來學單字還要用一塊錢來看我拉卡車,
    我就翻字典放一堆很難懂的單字了 >"<

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